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We deliver Through-Channel Marketing (TCM) services globally that enable manufacturers, distributors, and their partners to fully participate in the digital customer journey. Gartner says marketers utilize only 58% of their MarTech stack’s potential. TCM as-a-Service takes the burden off vendor marketing teams and ensures you realize the full return on your investments. Onboard your partners and launch your through-channel marketing in as little as 60 days without impacting your existing marketing resources. Integrated web showcase content, email, social media, and search campaigns amplify your go-to-market through partners, at-scale. Win the war on talent, get to market faster, pay only for what you use, and reduce your risk with TCMaaS. If your partners are not online, neither are you.

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Channel Advisory Services

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  • Go to Market Strategies
  • MDF/Co-Op management
  • Partner Onboarding
  • Research & Advisory




8 Reasons to Work with an Agency for Through-Channel Marketing

8 Reasons to Work with an Agency for Through-Channel Marketing
A through-channel marketing program helps manufacturers reach many more customers than they could on their own. But without focused expertise, these initiatives can fail. AscendX Digital can help vendors ensure success, and realize better returns from their marketing investments. Here are the 8 Reasons why OEMs should work with an Agency for Through-Channel Marketing.




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WHITE PAPER: The MDF Conundrum – trends, challenges, and how to modernize for success

The numbers are staggering. Surveys show that 60% of MDF goes unused by partners and up to $25 Billion in MDF and co-op funds are left on the table every year. Funding and programs just don't match what partners and buyers need. There are no exceptions to buyers taking a digital, path to purchase. A healthy chunk of MDF needs to be focused on digital marketing initiatives, and if your partners are not online, then quite frankly, neither are you. This white paper explores why are partners leaving MDF on the table, and what can manufacturers can do differently to significantly increase utilization.

SOLUTION BRIEF: The AscendX Digital Marketing Suite for the Channel - TCMaaS

A complete through-channel marketing solution as-a-service that drives digital excellence, increases customer engagement, drives leads, and grows revenue – automated and at scale. Learn more in this solution overview document.

INFOGRAPHIC: The 5 Keys to Through-Channel Marketing Success

The digital transformation of sales and marketing expands well beyond a company’s own direct marketing strategy – or at least, it should. For most manufacturers, the final buyers of their products and services are procuring through a reseller or distribution partner. It is incumbent upon manufacturers to extend their own marketing strategy out, though, and with their partner network. With 70% of marketers actively investing in content marketing, it just makes sense that vendors leverage their partner network to get the word out. This is where Through-Channel Marketing (TCM) comes in. There are many factors that contribute to a successful TCM strategy. Here are the top 5.

INFOGRAPHIC: Why aaS is the Right Marketing Investment Right Now

Whether your company has experienced the "Great Resignation" or not, business leaders need to be strategic with their investments in their people. Even if you can replace the people who leave, there is a long learning curve before the new talent comes up to speed. You can win the war on talent, get to market faster, and reduce your own risk by using as-a-Service models to supplement your own in-house teams. At AscendX Digital, we are the first marketing service provider to deliver Through-Channel Marketing as-a-Service to companies who want to amplify their brand and marketing messages through their partners, reach new customers, and drive more business for the entire channel ecosystem. Here's why Through-Channel Marketing (TCM) aaS is a smart investment right now.

CASE STUDY: AscendX Digital helps big tech brands connect with SMB customers via a multivendor through-channel marketing model

Big tech companies struggled to reach the vast SMB market with any kind of brand control. Because of the sheer volume of SMB partners across large geographies, large corporate brands have traditionally underserved them. Manufacturers have traditionally relied on their distributors to access smaller partners and customers, but distribution marketing innovation hadn’t kept up. The digital path to purchase was moving fast. This Case Study examines the problem in more detail and the successful solution. A multivendor Through-Channel Marketing as-a-Service solution, fronted by distribution drove the results that the vendors, the distributor, and their partners needed.

WHITE PAPER: Does Distribution Need Saving – And Can Marketing Do It?

If you are a Distributor, and you have a vast SMB channel, it’s in YOUR best interest to have digitally advanced and enabled partners and resellers. Distribution, this is your time to lead, to be the orchestrator of more than products and logistics, and to be a digital leader. Through-Channel Marketing is modern digital marketing by its very definition. Distributors who leverage it can offer new, modern, affordable digital marketing options to their vendors to help them reach far more buyers and end-user customers at a much greater scale. By offering more digital options at market prices, they can attract more vendors and more MDF that is quite literally waiting on the sidelines. And they can increase their own margins while they’re at it.